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    Aes walked around outside again, enjoying every step. She wasn't dirty, luckily, as she stopped and talked with the people around the city, who she knew from the other universe. Levin had allowed  her to clean herself up every night,and even bothered to find her new clothes, so she could switch out what she wore every day. He was at least that nice to her, though, she didn't understand why. She thought he was trying to mess with her mind.

Something cold and steel suddenly pushed into Aes' side. She froze, knowing it was a gun, a revolver to be exact. She turned her head slightly to see nearly glowing red eyes under dark brown hair. The tall male was smiling kindly at her. He placed his free hand on Aes' shoulder and began to lead her away.

"Say nothing, okay?" The male grinned.

"sure, Leo." Aes spoke slowly, barely recognizing the tall male as one of her stranger friends from her universe. His actions weren't strange to her. At least he hadn't changed much, other than carrying a gun, and kidnapping her, but his tone was at least normal.

"So, Aes, how have you been? I have not seen you around for some time." Leo spoke kindly, never putting the gun down.

"It's a long story," Aes said.

"I have time." Leo continued to smile, pushing Aes to walk a little faster.

"I'll sound crazy," Aes warned. not sure what she should expect from Leo.

"We all sound a little crazy here." Leo's eyes nearly burned into Aes.

"Fine," Aes sighed, thinking she could have avoided this problem. "Well, Levin finally figured out how to pull someone from a parallel universe into this universe. He decided to use me as his test subject. So, I was pulled into this universe, Levin I guess decided not to kill me, even with his brothers inside the house. From there, I was able to ask Felix about what they were like, and, lets just say, I really miss my world now. The strange thing is, when I went back to Levin's house, I was given a room, and a bed. I think Levin wants to keep me a live for some reason… Wait… Do you know what happened to the Aes that used to live here, in this universe?" Aes spoke quickly.

"Levin, Jordan, and Shelby, they killed her as far as I know. They said they did not want you to interfere with any of their plans." Leo explained.

"Plans, sounds like something I should be worried about." Aes muttered to herself.

"We all must worry about them, but now that I have you in my possession, I will stop them, or at least slow them down." Leo smiled.

"Why am I the focal point of this plan?' Aes asked, finally getting annoyed with the gun and pushing it away from her.

"You are the Weapons Mistress. You can control and use any weapon, just think of what you can do on the side of any war, if it were to be started, or perhaps a plot to rule the world. You can turn any weapon against itself, after all," Leo explained calmly.

"Start a war? Start a war? Surely the me from this world isn't too different from me. Weapons don't kill people. They can't kill people without a person doing the killing. Anyone who knows weapons as I do knows that much." Aes argued strongly against the idea.

"You are not much different from the Aes here. Both of you believe in the same ideologies." Leo stopped, allowing Aes to notice where he had lead them, down a dark, strange area, that smelled of decay. She looked around the area, noticing many different oddly shaped bags.

"Great, leading me here to kill me?" Aes asked.

"Perhaps." Leo smiled darkly.

"Perfect, another person who has me on their hit list. What more can I ask for?" Aes sighed.

"You can ask for me." Leo looked into Aes' eyes, smiling.

"Even better." Aes pushed away from Leo. She liked him better in her universe, even though his calmness, quietness, and sudden outbursts in her universe was terrifying, at least it made him strangely enjoyable to be around. He was also huggable. In this universe Leo was outright strange to be around. She didn't like it. He wasn't even being slightly charming, he was being, well, she guessed normal in this universe. She glared at Leo, not wanting to play any more of his games, or anyone's games at that. She just wanted to go home, leave this strange place, hang out with her friends, her friends from her universe.

"What, you do not want me? the last Aes did." Leo began to corner Aes.

"I'm not the same as the last Aes." Pulling out a small knife from a bag on her hip, Aes held her ground defensively against Leo, who towered over her darkly.

Leo laughed, looking over Aes and her knife, his hand wrapping around the sharp edges of the blade, his hand bleeding lightly as he pulled the knife from Aes' hand, taking another step closer to her.

"Leave me alone Leo." Aes' hands clenched into fists, ready to escape Leo as well. Levin's house was starting to seem safer, despite the poison, creepy teddy bear, killer brothers, and constant threat of being killed in her sleep.

"You can't beat me Aes, I am much stronger than you." Leo advised, and he was right. Aes was never able to beat Leo, even in her world, when he went crazy, looking for a fight.

"Watch me," Aes challenged. Leo stood still, grinning down at her. Aes looked harshly back at the taller male, and felt her back though the wall. She wasted no time in using the wall to her advantage, throwing her weight against it, picking up her legs, and kicking at Leo, pushing him back. She drew another knife, and moved into another attack. She waited for Leo to move, but he didn't, as if letting her go.

"Go ahead and leave, Aes. You may find yourself coming back for my help one day, plus, I would believe that Levin is wondering about your whereabouts."

"Weren't you kidnapping me?" Aes asked.

"Yes, but I do not think I can yet." Leo explained, turning his back.

Aes looked at him for a second, before leaving, keeping her eyes on Leo as long as she could, before hurrying away, somehow finding her way back to Levin's house. She walked to the door and opened it, finding Levin finishing up the final bit of his cleaning.

"Hello Aes." Levin smiled. "Did you enjoy your walk?"

"Yeah, thanks." Aes nodded.

"You look scared."

"It's fine. It was nothing." Aes waved off the question. She walked to the couch and looked at it. "You used quite a bit of Bleach," Aes commented. "Blood stains?"

"How did you guess?" Levin almost sang.

"You're blood thirsty. What else could it be? Cup cake mix? You keep that in the kitchen, luckily."

"Very smart Aes," Levin spoke happily, patting Aes on the head. "And you have become very confident since you arrived. You're getting used to this place now, aren't you?"

"As much as I hate to admit it, I think I am. Sadly, I can't trust anyone here. Leo is still insane--"

"Leo, you saw Leo today. No wonder you're back late." Levin's expression began to turn dark. "He probably took you away somewhere terrible, and messy, and attacked you, trying to get you to side with him rather than me."

Aes looked at Levin, confused. Not 30 seconds before, Levin had been gutty, happy go lucky, and bright, but as soon as she brought up Leo, he was dark and brooding, and blood thirsty. She wondered if this is what he was like before he killed one of his victims. It would make sense, but at the same time, she was afraid to know.

"What did that Bastard do to you?"

"Nothing, I got away from him before he did anything." Aes answered sharply.

"Good, that means less trouble for me." Levin turned around, took a few steps, faced Aes again, with a huge smile on his face and said, "anything you would want for dinner tonight? it is a blue moon tonight, and as we all know, blue moons are rare and something to celebrate, as well as, it gives me more power. It is something to celebrate with friends!" He folded his hands, and leaned toward Aes.

"Well, hum… I can't think of anything I would want to eat, anything sounds good, but I'll celebrate the, uh, blue moon with you." Aes answered her captor, who just called her his friend.

"Fantastic!" If Levin wasn't slightly off balance, Aes wouldn't have been surprised if he span while speaking. He took her hand and pulled her into the kitchen. "Then you can help me make dinner, and it'll be a surprise."

"All right," Aes wasn't sure what else to say to the nonsense. She would just have to accept it as it was, and give up on any questioning what so ever. She would eventually have to give up on all questioning, as much as she hated to admit it.

Levin placed a few vegetables in front of Aes and motioned for her to begin chopping them up. Aes looked to her side and found a rack of knives. She found the paring knife and began to cup quickly, not sure how large or small Levin needed the vegetables.

"Smaller Aes," Levin directed as Aes began to finish.

"Oh, sorry." Aes quickly began to fix her mistake, cutting the vegetables smaller, careful to avoid her fingers, but that didn't stop her from clipping the side of her index finger as she was nearly finished. "Shoot," Aes muttered, withdrawing her hand, trying to avoid getting her blood on the food.

Levin looked over to Aes as she quickly tried to stop the bleeding and laughed. He took Aes' hand and looked at the cut. "It is not that bad, Aes. You're almost done anyways."

Aes nodded, not feeling like arguing and finished the job given to her.

Pt 2: [link]

Yup, felt like uploading more. ^^

So, enjoy! It's a bit short.
hatsuneMikuAndGhibli Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student General Artist
This wasn't short! (Well, compared to my reads!) WONDERFUL AS ALWAYS!
Mo-fox Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Hopefully I'll remember to put up the next part next week.
hatsuneMikuAndGhibli Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Your welcome! Take your time! :)
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